Ichelle Risaux

Muse of Coerthas ♫ Halone's Mercy ♫ Angel of Idyllshire

About the Muse

Name: Ichelle Genevive Risaux
Age: Appears to be around twenty-six summers old
Gender: Female
Race: Elezen?
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single (Widowed)
Height: 6'0
Build: Soft hourglass shape, shapely thighs
Hair: Long and ashen brown, sometimes worn up or braided
Eyes: Icy blue
Complexion: Covered in freckles
Notable Features: Her eyes draw people in and her voice
Positive Personality Traits: Kind, Loyal, Motherly
Neutral Personality Traits: Quiet, Reserved
Negative Personality Traits: Secretive, Gullible
Notable Friends and Allies: None as of this moment


OOC Info

Hello! Thank you for checking my RP profile! A bit about me, I am a 21+-year-old disabled possum who has been playing FFXIV since the end of Stormblood and RPing for about 10+ years. I am a healer main and an ex-raider. So if you're looking for someone to dungeon or raid with outside RP, I'm always up for it! I RP in-game and also in Discord. My Discord name can be given upon request.I do have a few RP rules.
♦ OOC =/= IC.
♦ No rape/non-con RP, please
♦ All 18+ RP is to be done with 18+ people, no minors
♦ Her work does not mean she is an ERP character. If you would like that outside her work, there needs to be history and story.
♦ If at all you no longer wish to RP, please let me know.
♦ This character is a vampire. If you do not like that or do not believe they exist, please just do not RP with me. Trolls get blocked instantly.